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Introducing the Archer-class Starship V2, the U.S.S. Sagittarius.

Introducing a 7-month labor of love and hatred, the U.S.S. Sagittarius. And it isn’ t even anywhere close to being finished yet.

Because of that, I’m releasing this unfinished and unfurnished version for a highly discounted price! The finished ship will have redone, fully furnished rooms, scripted systems, extra hallway details, and external details. And it will have a price to match. Thus the starship for the budget captain!

Despite the budget, it comes with working landing gear, airlock doors, and cargo bay door. The front hull, nacelles, upper deck and middle deck all have projection lights that can be seen when Lighting and Shadows is on. The navigation lights on the hull also flash.


  • Length: 85.3M
  • Beam: 39.4M
  • Height: 15M
  • 279 prim equivalency. 95% mesh.
  • 3 decks, 12 rooms.

Please purchase the free demo for an exact size requirement. The back half of the ship can safely be left hanging over the edge of a sim to use less space with no complications.

The floors of all rooms can be recolored, and if it is requested, I will release a pack of all textures used for easy modifying.

All pictures have been taken with projection lighting and shadows, ambient occlusion, and 4xAA.



Captain’s Quarters / Meeting Room

Crew Quarters A:

Crew Quarters B:

Mess Hall:

EVA Prep:

Transporter Room:

Engine Room:


Cargo bay:

There are three other nondescript rooms that can fit many situations.



Welcome to SKNK, now on the internet!

Gosh golly I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing with this here WordPress thing, but, welcome to SKNK! I’ll be using this blog to showcase products and shit because doing so inworld is a colossal pain in the ass.